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As a skater who is looking for a suitable skateboard deck, you definitely encounter a lot of information about different materials that are used in manufacturing skateboard decks. However, you want a detailed comparison between these types of wood to understand better before purchasing.

Therefore, in today’s post, I will show you some necessary information that you need to know about two most common types of wood: bamboo and Canadian Maple. If you need further tips and advice on how to choose the perfect skateboard deck, I suggest you visit SkateAdvisors for more information.

The biggest advantage of maple is that it can last for a long time and it is heavier as well as sturdier than bamboo. Therefore, maple decks are usually used for downhill riding which need a good elimination of vibrations.

Similar to maple decks, bamboo decks are also made of 5 to 9 layers to provide the adequate strength. However, bamboo shows better flex than maple so it can absorb bumps and rough ground. Moreover, you can easily carry a bamboo deck since it is much less heavy than Canadian maple.

With the above reasons, bamboo is usually used in cruisers for a high-speed ride with the most comfortable experience. Also, bamboo decks are excellent at turning since they are more flexible than their maple counterparts.

The biggest disadvantage of bamboo decks is that they usually cost more due to the complicated manufacturing process to produce a complete bamboo skateboard deck. However, it is worth it to experience a bamboo deck with the cost of around 60 to 70 bucks.

According to many experienced skaters, if you are looking for a long-term product, you should choose Canadian maple decks instead of bamboo decks since they are more durable. In case you need further help or advice about the buying guide in choosing skateboard decks, you can visit SkateAdvisors to read more articles related to this topic.

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